Aquarium, We Can See It As Business Side

Research indicates that just watching marine animals such as fish can reduce even eliminate stress. This is just not theory only, but that is you can prove its truth. When you are in dizziness or stressed, spent your time to see the plant around you that decorated with a fish pond or simply feed the fish.This slight reduction in the burden on our minds. We also can to make beautify the living room at home or in the villa

Sea World has a variety of life, ranging from the flora and fauna. From start to fish, marine mammal to marine plants. The current state of the sea can be tough in the form of totality in the open ocean exhibit Monterey Bay Aquarium atau Sea World Ancol.

As actually a giant Aquarium marine ecosystem protection, as well as institutions.Talking about the aquarium, there are many types and characteristics of it. Glass aquarium is the most popular in the community. This is one of Business opportunity from these side is more potential, we can choose “Sea Aquarium” for different common aquarium product whereas many people disposed toward. But before starting, we should we must know the basics and the type of Sea Aquarium. Having knowledge about what the appropriate equipment for the Sea Aquarium that we want. In addition, also about the compatibility of different types of fish and corals (couple tanks) that we will retain in our Sea aquarium. other than that I wonder what the heck should we have before starting sea aquarium hobby and business are time, willing, thoroughness and patiences.

When we are ready and have some of the above, then the following are tips to realize the dream of our sea aquarium:

  • Type Sea Aquariums
  • How size of sea aquarium
  • Aquarium, sump / Filter Box, Cabinet and Cover Up Aquariums.
  • Filter System.
  • Flow and Movement of Water in the Aquarium.
  • Various types of pumps.
  • Marine Aquarium Lighting.
  • Support equipment such as Chiller, Reactor Calcium, Protein skimmer, and so on.
  • Finally, How can we realize the dream of Sea Aquarium?
  • * Type of Sea Aquarium

      Fish Only Tank (FO), Fish Only With Liverock Tank (FOWLR), LPS (Large Polyped Scleractinia) Reef Tank, Mixed Reef Tank, SPS (Small Polyped Scleractinia) Reef Tank.

    * How size of sea aquarium

      More bigger the tank, ecosystems will also be more stable. This means that treatment will become easier. The next question is, how much space, money and power can we give? The larger the aquarium, the greater the necessary funds and the necessary electrical power will also be greater. So only we ourselves who know exactly how big the marine aquarium dream that we will create.. Sample of sea aquarium size and glass size:75,0 x 40,0 x 40,0 cm Tebal Kaca 5,0 mm; 105,0 x 50,0 x 50,0 cm Tebal Kaca 8,0 mm; 135,0 x 70,0 x 70,0 cm Tebal Kaca 12,0 mm; 200,0 x 70,0 x 70,0 cm Tebal Kaca 15,0 mm.

    * Cabinet and Cover Up Aquariums

      Table / Cabinet is a place where we put the aquarium. While the top cover serves to add to the beauty of the aquarium and is a place to put up lights so that light does not spread laterally so that the exit from the top of the aquarium above the water surface. The light emitted from the surface water will dazzle our eyes and make it difficult to take photos of the aquarium. Type of cabinet: Concrete Table, Table with wooden beam frame, with metal frame table, Table with Stainless Steel Frame, table with aluminum frame.

    For one tips, Glass aquarium is the most common choice because it is easily found in stores. Glass aquariums are more expensive than other types of media maintenance but have a variety of accessories that can be added as a garnish or for a particular purpose. You are not allowed to put something in the aquarium that might make mischief, such as the stone is too heavy and bulky or sharp objects. Should be fairly thick glass, each hole which may arise should be repaired immediately to prevent leakage.

    As more your information and detail Sea Aquarium product mentioned bellow, you can see type of aquarium for your idea and detail price list :

    Product and Price
    Fluval Edge Aquarium Set, Matte Black, 6-Gallon
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    Umbra FishHotel Aquarium
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    Aqueon Double Sided Black Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit
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    Baby biOrb Aquarium with Halogen Light, Silver, 4 Gallons
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    Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit 1.8 gallon
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