Change Laboratory Waste To Beautiful Lamp

Using trash to something use full is one of much trials in carry out our environment. How isn’t, the trash that we throw everyday will destroy our scenery and often become the house of disease. One of much trash that can used is bloody test pack. The bottle was the place to exam the patient blood that we can get it from hospital laboratory. From this little bottle, we can make a beauty decoration lamp in many forms.

Because of the interesting form, this decoration lamp is match to put in living room corner, bedroom or in our house park depend what we want. This lamp will make our interior design more live. So this lamp can be alternative thing for our decoration.

To make this lamp is not as easy as turning our hand. It’s need high artistic sense. For example in making design, we have really able to make many various form. If we don’t have artistic sense, we won’t have various form, there for our lamp doesn’t have high sale value. Although when we merge one bottle to another, it need more carefully, few mistake will cause many damage to the form that we want. To deny this mistake cause the process of making this lamp need more long time, it is about six hour for each form.

By add some creation in making this decoration lamp, we will have many various form. Like Eiffel Tower, China Tower ( Pagoda ) and another form that we want. Each form has difficulties level. It depend on form, high and the variation. This factor also influence the sum of the bottle that needed.

It doesn’t too much if the price of the lamp is range begin from 50 thousand rupiah that compare with the form, high and difficulties level. And if you live out town of Tegal city that price doesn’t include delivery order. So, if you interest to have this lamp, just call us. We will make the form that you wish.

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