Golf As Business Decision MarketPlace

There are many social aspects and benefits to playing golf. This is perhaps seen best in the business world. In the United State as survey, golf is actually considered as the “sport of the business world”. Because many arround of golf are played by business partners and associates. many business decisions are made on the golf course as well.

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Golf activities is great place and event to get to know someone better, whether a clients, co-worker, family member or friend. Regardless of with whom you play golf, it provide greate arena for social interaction and opportunities to meet new and interesting people, and make many social connection in the community. Wheter the business or merely, golf is at the top for social sports.

Most people agree that the most important think learned in the business field is about relationship. Relationship are not about e-mail or voice mail but they are about personal contact and customer service. Business golf has help several companies refocus on the idea of how to maintain relationship with our customer.

Golf and business go together like horse and carriage. Golf is a game of the businessmen. Golf is very popular in the corporate world. Most businessmen are fond of playing golf and the golf becomes their meeting place. More and more merger and takeover are planned on the golf. The origin of these business ideas come into action while playing golf. More deals are closed in a golf club house or through the relationship cultivated while playing golf than with any other endeavor. these are couple of reason for this. Golf allow you to schmooze your prospective client all the way around the golf.

You have to entertaint your business clients during the game of golf. You can improve your business relationship during the game of golf. Business relationship cultivated on the golf is long lasting. You can even impress your business clients by playing better golf. more and more executives are using the game of golf facilities personal contact with clients and potential customers. Playing a four to five hour game of golf with business in mind can be vital in building business and retaining loyal customers. After all, who can say they’ve had afour hour initial sales call/business meeting with a prospective client over coffee?

Business golf can be an effective relationship builder as long as a few basic rules are applied. The most important method of approaching golf as a business tool is to have a strategic plan. As with any type of sales technique, a strategy msut be formulated before hitting the fairway. Business golf is an investment-one that can pay off handsomely if handled properly. Another key to proper golf balance is to invite clients, partner or friends along when you are doing something golf related. This allows for quality time to be spent in a setting that everyone enjoys, and you can cement several relatioinships at one time. And when you do play 18 holes, be sure to take your time and enjoy it. Playing a round of golf provides a perfect way to step back from the masness and clear your had from the grind.

Having and maintaining proper balance when utilizing golf as a business toll is very important. Golf is a time consuming endeavor llot your time when enjoying it for business or pleasure. You won’t be successful if you’re out playiing golf every day, but there are ways to enjoy golf while keeping it all together. You don’t need to play 18 holes all of the time. What about playing nine in the early morning before work? Alot of courses have “business person’s specials” available that allow for this type of play, it’s much easier to play a quick time.

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