The Original Special Kopi Luwak (Civet Cofee)

Drinking coffee is a beverage derived from plants called coffee beans, to make the seeds should be roasted and then puree. Coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world, if ranked by the level of coffee consumption is getting ranked second only to water, more than two million people drink coffee every day. perhaps you’ve heard the name of arabica coffee, coffee java, and others, it’s all kind of varieties of coffee that used to be found intentionally or unintentionally.

Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee, this is a specialty coffee produced by the original treatment of the civet. Any opinions on the the coffee Civet both aroma sides of the point of view of the flavor until the level of quality are chemical original treatment without synthetic one.

Indonesia is one of biggest Kopi Luwak produce has most unusual varieties of coffee in the world, coffee is generally harvested first and then the seeds are picked when ripe, but the civet coffee is very different. Coffee beans allowed to fall, then release civet, and let it eats by civets coffee beans that fell earlier, and then they wait for an animal or a mongoose mongoose which removes dirt, coffee beans that come out simultaneously with the civet droppings or ferret to be processed again for coffee, it’s can mentioned as Kopi Luwak. Researchers in Canada have shown that the protein content present in the stomachs of civet coffee making fermented and cooked more perfectly. so that the resulting flavor is more delicious than other coffee. So in the short term civet coffee is one type of coffee from coffee beans that have been eaten by animals or animal mongoose and types of beans

– Coffee beans that are still ripe in the trees or have fallen prepared for eating mongoose

– Civet maintained regularly and by eating the fruit of superior type of coffee

– Coffee fruit is eaten civet, civet excreted in the stool

– Stools mongoose cleaned and washed thoroughly.

– Drying Process and hot treatment

– Milling process

In some stages, the attention is the cleanliness of civet feces washing process. Since quality is one of the selling points for this type of coffee with natural flavors of the process of acidification in the stomach digestive mongoose.In its stomach, proteolytic enzymes seep into the beans making hiding peptides and more free amino acids. A common type of civet coffee is being forged, for some people who are not coffee lovers will be confused to determine the type of premium civet coffee Luwak coffee and fake (mix). Why we should be careful to find “Premium Kopi Luwak of Coffee Civet”. PREMIUM LUWAK’s coffee trees ideal can growing in condition are exclusively in tropic regions especially in several province at Indonesia, we can say at Sumatra Island which is between of 60F (15ºC) and 70F (21ºC). It is usually cultivated between 1300m and 1500m above sea level. Luwak or samothing like animal mongoose (Civet) lives in these tropic and that condition area.

It a tremendous business opportunity is a premium business civet coffee / Luwak coffee. Previously described on the type of coffee, which tastes a unique flavor from other coffee. We offer you a higher quality bean and produce very flavorful and aromatic coffee. One of premium Kopi Luwak sold is come from Indonesian with high quality include original certification from authority government.

Beside of conventional sales like shop or cafe, we can make new different selling business to people with Vending Machine Coffee by these Kopi Luwak content alternative choice.

Let’s we show some alternative choice for you all to find more simple Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee listing description and price information. Here are detail of Civet Coffee information :

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