Indonesia Archipelago – Central Java

I try to describe on my lovely page after long time didn’t update it. Now, I’ll describe about Indonesia. First island will explored and share is Central Java. One of province area in Java Island. History has left its footprints everywhere in Central Java, an area rich in a culture and tradition accumulated from a […]

Once Again From DollFace

Looking fo a runique personalized gift? Or memorable souvenir / giveways at your special events such as birthdays/wedding?Then you should checkout Dollface cute product! Dollface is a stuffed toy with your face on it.The booth set up is similiar to a photo booth. You choose a stuffed toy from numerous animal, cartoon, zodiac and fancy […]

Taboos and Superstitions Related to Chiness New Year

On New Year’s Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dustpans and other cleaning equipment are put away. With Superstitions ruling the roost., its not only some of us who are superstatious about things at large. The entire house should be claned before New Year’s day. Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year’s Day […]

e-Passport and Rate for Indonesian Passport

It is may be important and usefull for people will go abroud. In relation to the proposed implementation of electronics passports or better known as e-passports and the rumor of rate increase for Indonesian passport, The Director General of Immigration has issued the following regulation that clarified. First: e-Passports is a combined paper and electronic […]

Blogadvertisingstore! Inspiration blog advertising

At the first time I know about Internet Marketing and online advertising, how to get revenue from internet and how can the people free on their live that many people said as “passive Income”. Un-believed in my mind encourage me to explore, starting from google as my “grandfather knows everything” I got the information about […]

New Year 2012 What’s Ahead

Life is like a rollecoaster ride, It sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down. Even when it is down, people never know what’s going to happen in the future that may entirely change the course of the human life. In Chinese horoscope, 2012 is regarded as the Dragon year but it is just other side […]

Critical Principle to Build Customers Need in Business

As main gateway to customer, need some tool and methods were striving to be a center of excellent for trade facilitation, satisfaction and simplify services. It is a crucial point of business for many stakeholders and business players. With most of the high-value Customer satisfaction and good services is regarded as a strategic entry and […]

A Blog Give Motivation to Do More Positive Idea

Talking about a blog, it’s never death. Always showing new one and more interesting was discussed about. There is much content and attractive topic describe and inform to audience. A story able to share from simple complicated and even it showing to us. But, we didn’t discuss about a blog as information media from general […]

5 Tips Leadership Formula from a CEO

Leadership is not genetic. Leadership is a skill that everyone can learn and practice. Leadership formula – Click Here! – having revealed the key to success, since several CEO from big company on the world can resume and share with us about 5 common requirements for CEO to survive and succeed and considered worthy to […]