5 Tips Leadership Formula from a CEO

Leadership is not genetic. Leadership is a skill that everyone can learn and practice. Leadership formula – Click Here! – having revealed the key to success, since several CEO from big company on the world can resume and share with us about 5 common requirements for CEO to survive and succeed and considered worthy to be a CEO. Thee requirement are the collection of theories from many personal experience.

The first requirement is the need of an extensive knowledge in accordance with the field. A focus on an area of knowledge is strongly recommended. If from the outset we are doing quite a lot of wrestling in the fields of insurance, you should continue to explore the field with the knowledge to be gained through literature and sharing in various seminars.

Secondly, is the competency. This is a combination of knowledge and experience/practice in the working world. For examples: if a mining company is experiencing financial difficulties, then the leader who is considered competent need to solve the problem, the leader is not someone from insurance business but someone from the financial sector.

The third, key requirements is the soul of leadership. A CEO who has the soul of leadership will be able to manage his subordinate well

The fourth requirement which is necessary need for a CEO is legitimacy. This is not absolute but still needed because it is associated with academic or professional degree that would be an added value for CEO to be considered as an expert in a particular field.

The last requirement is the authority. The authority of leader can be obtained from the position/job title, seniority ( in term of experience, not in term of age), professionalism, integrity, intelligence (having an IQ above 120 or more). A CEO who does not have the soul of smart leadership will be lost. When all of the above condition is met in one whole package, then CEO is considered worthy to carry out all of these duties.

if someone who wants to get the top position must have the ambition and should be able to express and demonstrate his ability in front of the public. Another tips is if we have a problem, it should not be avoid but rather we should look for a solution. The other important thing is never bring any problem or matter at the office to home and vice verse,, problem at home should not be brought to the office. However it’s okay to take home unfinished wok. Having good stamina is also important for everybody. Health should always be consider to maintain our stamina to stay fresh and healthy.
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