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At the first time I know about Internet Marketing and online advertising, how to get revenue from internet and how can the people free on their live that many people said as “passive Income”. Un-believed in my mind encourage me to explore, starting from google as my “grandfather knows everything” I got the information about it. It’s more enjoying to read success story from the people in the world, but it’s just story while I am not feel and try it.

Not only from internet, my friend in my office but not in my department. He even got out of the job because he believes able to live and more rich from internet online marketing business and he said to me, If you stay and just un employee, you just become un employee and no improvement.

But I have heard and read many people got Basically speaking, the ability of successful in this activities are dicipline and hard willingnes. Many online marketer, drop and could not continous their business in order no consistency as above although many people who is successful and survive.

Armed with above, my first starting I introduced with blogadvertisingstore. The first media encourage me to the marketer and blogger monetize, even it just newbie. Of course, I am really happy. As long as there is a goal that we must reach, I enjoy this new activities. I do not like something that is routine. In my opinion, by introducing advertising on blogs it is become my priority asset.

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