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Critical Principle to Build Customers Need in Business

As main gateway to customer, need some tool and methods were striving to be a center of excellent for trade facilitation, satisfaction and simplify services. It is a crucial point of business for many stakeholders and business players. With most of the high-value Customer satisfaction and good services is regarded as a strategic entry and […]

A Blog Give Motivation to Do More Positive Idea

Talking about a blog, it’s never death. Always showing new one and more interesting was discussed about. There is much content and attractive topic describe and inform to audience. A story able to share from simple complicated and even it showing to us. But, we didn’t discuss about a blog as information media from general […]

5 Tips Leadership Formula from a CEO

Leadership is not genetic. Leadership is a skill that everyone can learn and practice. Leadership formula – Click Here! – having revealed the key to success, since several CEO from big company on the world can resume and share with us about 5 common requirements for CEO to survive and succeed and considered worthy to […]