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Indonesia Archipelago – Central Java

I try to describe on my lovely page after long time didn’t update it. Now, I’ll describe about Indonesia. First island will explored and share is Central Java. One of province area in Java Island. History has left its footprints everywhere in Central Java, an area rich in a culture and tradition accumulated from a […]

Taboos and Superstitions Related to Chiness New Year

On New Year’s Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dustpans and other cleaning equipment are put away. With Superstitions ruling the roost., its not only some of us who are superstatious about things at large. The entire house should be claned before New Year’s day. Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year’s Day […]

Golf As Business Decision MarketPlace

There are many social aspects and benefits to playing golf. This is perhaps seen best in the business world. In the United State as survey, golf is actually considered as the “sport of the business world”. Because many arround of golf are played by business partners and associates. many business decisions are made on the […]

5 Avoiding Mistake During Recession

Surviving recession is all about making the right financial decision. The pressure to do well with your finance will always be there during recession because the current economy is so volatile that a single mistake might cost all your finance. It is imperative to avoid financial trouble during recession mainly because getting back on track […]

Suriya, Indian An Actor With A Difference Talent

Are you bollywood movie lover? you should know Suriya well, don’t you? Suriya is famous South Indian actor. since began his career at 1997, he had starred many movies. Even, he won many award of his movies. Just to know, he won best actor for his movies “Nandha” in 2002, “Perazhagan” in 2004, and “Vaaranam […]