Indonesia Archipelago – Central Java

I try to describe on my lovely page after long time didn’t update it. Now, I’ll describe about Indonesia. First island will explored and share is Central Java. One of province area in Java Island.

20140517_185033-1-1History has left its footprints everywhere in Central Java, an area rich in a culture and tradition accumulated from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past and more recent Islamic influences. Under The Sylendra and Old Mataram kings, The Hindu Javanese culture flourished between the 8th and 10th centuries and it was during this pinnacles of power that Java’s most remarkable religious monuments were built, such as Borobudur (the biggest and most magnificent monument to Mahayana Buddhism in the world. Other, the enormous Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, dedicated to Shiva and built by the rulers of Sanjaya Dynasty, and the ancient site of the oldest Hindu temples in Java on magnificent, etherial height of the Dieng Plateau. All of these and more are testimony of the ancient power and influence of the region.

The Islamic Kingdom in Java was born in 1511 in Demak, about 40 km from the Provincial capital of Semarang on North coast.

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