New Year 2012 What’s Ahead

Life is like a rollecoaster ride, It sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down. Even when it is down, people never know what’s going to happen in the future that may entirely change the course of the human life.

In Chinese horoscope, 2012 is regarded as the Dragon year but it is just other side of discussion, we just not its believed. Many fortune tellers have published their prdiction about what will happen in the year. Dragon profile describes elegance, polite, good advice, and sensivity to magnificient. 2012, is a metal dragon years and categorized as an apprehensive condition. It means that business people and leaders must endeavour to reash their target because it will not be easy to do it. According to prediction, business that will stand out in 2012 are restaurants, automotive, mining and product such as spare part for the electronics industry.

Economists predicted that export in 2012 will expand to automotive and electronic esspecially for spare part. In 2011, many dramatical accident facing on the television, Tsunami; blood; erthquart; and many more.

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